Re: Germanic folk

From: Abdullah Konushevci
Message: 48911
Date: 2007-06-08

--- In, Piotr Gasiorowski <gpiotr@...> wrote:
> On 2007-06-07 22:37, Rick McCallister wrote:
> > Any possible link to Latin populus? i.e. if it is a
> > reduplication < *pol-, *pul- or even *pOlp-?
> I don't think so. Lat. populus (arch. poplus) looks like a Sabellic
> (cf. Umbr. poplos), so it may well be PIE *kWekWlos, which would
> the /o/ (Sabellic *kWe- > *kWo- > po-). The meaning would have evolved
> from 'wheel, circle' to 'something that surrounds, a ring of people'
> 'assembly, multitude', as in Greek, where <kuklos> may mean such things.
> Piotr
But, dominant view is that Latin populus is of Etruscan origin. (AHD,
4th edition.)