Re: [tied] *ud- 'out'

From: Sean Whalen
Message: 48071
Date: 2007-03-25

--- Abdullah Konushevci <akonushevci@...> wrote:

> --- In, Sean Whalen
> <stlatos@...> wrote:

> > Since d/t regularly become z/s before stops in
> most
> > IE languages I don't think any *-s suffix is
> needed.

> As one can see from Greek huster 'womb' and hustros
> 'stomach' and
> from Toch B wästarye `liver', as well as from
> Albanian
> cullë 'stomach', both *ud- and *uds- take part in
> 'stomach' words.

Whatever you may believe about Albanian, it's
certain that t>s before stops in many IE languages.
The proto-form has to be based on the outcomes, but
the existence of s in them doesn't guarantee that s
existed in the proto-form.

The cluster dtr was simplified to dr in many
languages and the irregular paradigm split in meaning:

u_dtèró+s u_dtr(e)+ 'outer, sticking out, belly'

u_dtèryó+s u_dtri+ 'in the belly, internal organ'


u_dtèró+s u_dtr(e)+ > u_ttèró+s u_dr(e)+ >

u_ttèró+s u_ttr(e)+ & u_dèró+s u_dr(e)+

each new paradigm with a particular meaning.

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