Re: [tied] *ud- 'out'

From: Sean Whalen
Message: 48063
Date: 2007-03-24

--- Abdullah Konushevci <akonushevci@...> wrote:

> *ud- `up, out'. 1. Alb cullë `belly, stomach,
> abdomen' from suffixed
> extended form *uds-uleH2. 2. Alb uth `heartburn,
> impetigo' from *uds-
> o: Latin uterus `abdomen, womb': Greek huderos
> `dropsy' (<*swollen
> stomach): Avestan udara `stomach': Sanskrit udara-
> `stomach' and
> *udstero-: Greek hustera: `womb', hustros `stomach',
> Toch B
> wästarye `liver'. (Pokorny u:d- 1103.)

Since d/t regularly become z/s before stops in most
IE languages I don't think any *-s suffix is needed.
The most likely change is:

udtero+s (with weak stem udtr(e)+)

udtr(e)+ ..
uttr(e)+ ..
ustr(e)+ ..
utsr(e)+ ..
utsr(e)+ .. utsLo+ (form diminutive)
utTr(e)+ .. utsLo+
utT(e)+ ... utsLo+
utT(e)+ ... tsuLo+
uT(e)+ .... tsuLo+


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