Re: [tied] Ancient Greek name for Volga River

From: mkelkar2003
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Date: 2007-03-23

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> Just to add on a nice tidbit that may or may not aid in this: the Czech
> name for the Moldau river is Vltava. The first two letters look veeeery
> familiar...

"11 The etymology of Volga as proposed by the linguist Trubetzkoy — in
his lectures at the University of Vienna — was as follows: in
primitive eastern Slavic, unrounded front vowels changed into rounded
back vowels before a tauto-syllabic l, so that jilga must have changed
to julga; the initial j was lost before rounded vowels in eastern
Slavic, and the initial u acquired an obligatory prothetic v. Thus the
form vulga arose, and short u changed in the 12th–13th centuries into
o. So through a long series of changes Jilga became Volga. (Oral
information by Roman Jakobson.)"