An outline on evolution *tw- > z- in Albanian

From: Abdullah Konushevci
Message: 48047
Date: 2007-03-22

*tweH2k- ` to occupy, bind, embrace'. 1a. Alb zap, invariable, in
bëj zap `to circumvent, restraint, embrace' with extended variant
zapt; b. zapoj/zaptoj 'to invade, occupy' from extended weak root
form *twakb-o-, cf. Greek sattein/sassein `to arm'. 2. Alb
zabel `grove, thicket' from *twakb-el-, cf. Greek sakos `hurdle,
holy place'. 3. Alb tuk `round, around, approximately', attested yet
in some idioms and replaced with variant form tek: ja tuk `right
here/there, replaced by ja tek from zero-grade form *tuk-. (Pokorny
1. Twa:k- 1098.)

*twer- `to turn, whirl' in the sense to `stir'. 1. Alb përziej `to
mix, stir' from *pro- + *twer-yo. 2. Alb nxjerr `to drag/pull/move
out' from prefixed form *H1en- + *twer-no, *-tw- > -z-, preceded by
nasal was changed to voiced apical affricate /c/ (< dz). 2. Alb
trazoj `to stir, agitate' from prefixed and lengthened basic root
form *tro- *twe:r-yo (cf. tra-shëgoj `to inherit'). 3. Alb
turr `flounce, inrush, pounce', but turrë `turn' from suffixed zero-
grade form *tur-no/*tur-m: Lat trua `scoop, ladle': OE þweran `stir,
churn, agitate', Greek otru:no: `drive, agitate', Skt
tavarate `hurry'. I am not sure could be here as a cognate Slavic
*turiti `to chase, drive away'. (Pokorny twer- 1100.)

*twei- `to excite, shake; to shimmer'. 1a. Alb xixë `sparkle' from
a prefixed reduplicated form d-twi-d-twi-H2; b. denominative
xixëlloj `to sparkle, glitter'; c. xixëllonjë `fire-fly'. 2. Alb
zekth ` botfly, gadfly, horse-fly', diminutive of extended o-grade
form *twoik-o.