IE in Sumer (was: Grimm's Law is about to expire ...)

From: Richard Wordingham
Message: 48015
Date: 2007-03-21

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>> ... the southward movement of
>> one IE group into Sumer before the advent of writing.

> Can you elaborate on the last point?

Not as well as I'd like to.

> Are you talking about the Indo-Aryan horse terms in Mitanni, the
supposed relationship of Qutians (if I have that right) with
Tokharians or something else?

Something else.

I'm talking about Whittaker's theory that Sumerian has an
Indo-European substrate which had a significant influence on the
development of the Sumerian script. Unfortunately, I can't find
details, so I'm not sure whether he is talking about the Ubaid culture
and the 'banana language'.