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Date: 2007-03-20

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As we see, the Arimic tribes of the Italic peninsula appear under
various dialectal names with the ancient authors. Based on the elements which
we presented above, we sum up and reconstitute here these names, under the
following forms:

In Etruria, the ancient Arimii were called Ramnes; in Umbria, Arimini
and Armuni; in the upper parts of
the Tiber, Rumones and Rumores; on the seven hills of Rome, Remones, Remores, Archemones and Archemores; in Latium, Ramnes, Remi, Romi and Rumi; in Lucania, Erimones (Arimones); and in Sicily, Hirmini or Hurmini.

Finally, in central Italy also existed the
archaic form of Rumini, as results
from the names of the divinities Jupiter
Ruminus (Augustinus, Civ. Dei,
lib. VII. 11), Dea Rumina (Ibid,
lib. IV. 11, Varro, L. L. lib. II.
11. 5), as well as from the names of the places vicus Ruminalis (Sextus
Rufus, De reg. urb. Romae. VII), ficus
Ruminalis (Livy, lib. I. 4; Tacitus, Ann. XIII. 58), and Rumina ficus (Ovid, Fast. II. v. 411).

1) I don't know if these theories are correct or plausible, but it's a good theme for discussions.

2) An idea occurred to me. Aryaman/Airyaman points to a well-stated *Aryaman god in Indo-Iranian block, and Irish Eremon seems to fit into this source, but we have Germanic *Irminaz, Irmunaz. Let me sugest... how if *Aryaman was originated from a contamination of an older *Ar(V)man by *arya- ? Could we have a PIE god name like *HerHmon-?

Joao SL

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