Re: [tied] Re: Etymology of Rome

From: Carl Edlund Anderson
Message: 47810
Date: 2007-03-13

On 13/03/2007 17:41, Rick McCallister wrote:
> Really, and where in the English speaking world does it have that meaning?
> */Francesco Brighenti <frabrig@...>/* wrote:
> English dug: 'an udder, breast, or teat of a female animal' (unknown
> origin).

Well, erm, pretty much _everywhere_, actually. "Dug" with the meaning
"teat" is perhaps not commonly run into in everyday speech these days,
but it's nevertheless a straight-up international English word. Check a
dictionary! ;) (for example, online at:
<>) The online
Merriam-Webster (<>) additionally suggests a possibly
Scandinavian origin.


Carl Edlund Anderson