Re: Etymology of Rome

From: Francesco Brighenti
Message: 47802
Date: 2007-03-11

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> As for the connection [of Etr. *ruma > archaic Lat. ruma 'dug, pap,
> teat'] with the sense "fold, bend" cf. Latin sinus "fold", but also
> the fold in the dress which was used as a pocket and also "dans
> lequel les mères portait leurs enfants (in sinu: gesta:re)", also
> figuratively "bosom" and "asylum" (which Rome was in the beginning)

Cf. also, for what is worth, It. seno 'breast' (< Lat. sinus) vs.
insenatura 'inlet; a recess, such as a bay or cove, along a coast; a
bend in the course of a river' (from the verb insenarsi 'to be bent
like a breast').

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