Re: Darkness

From: tgpedersen
Message: 47599
Date: 2007-02-25

--- In, Sean Whalen <stlatos@...> wrote:
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> Sean:
> > > I'd give the same explanation for timira- (with
> > loss of syl-final C,
> > > spread of the V to another syllable, both good
> > indications).
> > ??
> I speculated on finstar being from a child's
> pronunciation because it shows both f for th and n for
> m (before str). Both of those are likely during early
> language use; it's a fairly complex word phonetically.
> Similarly timira- shows two changes associated with
> children. It's a possibility that both can be
> explained this way (and with personified darkness a
> trait of PIE and the dark an early childhood fear,
> these forms may have entered common speech).

People don't use a nursery word for something they fear.
If you can find a common formula for these, I'll take my hat off to
you. I don't think I'm certain any more the *dom- "house" belongs
there, though. Note the w/m alternation in deaf and dumb ('with one's
senses clogged').