[tied] Conch

From: Sean Whalen
Message: 47598
Date: 2007-02-25

In Greek the rules:

x,k > x,kh > akh

account for *tem-x-kós > témakhos 'slice'

Some other diminutives which come to have the stem
end in -a- from other sounds also take -khos by
analogy (mónakhos).

Therefore, kógkhos may come from a dim. formed from
*kón-x-mós 'bent part of the leg' which would show
'little bent thing > spiral shell' (in PIE?).

*kón-x-mós *knx-m(e)+ > OE hamm, Gk kné:me:

*kón-x-kós > Gk kógkhos

*gWróxW-ghós > Gk brógkhos 'windpipe'

kón-x-kós ... gWróxW-ghós
kón-x-khós .. gWróxW-ghós
kón-x-khós .. gWróxW-khós
kón-x-khos .. gWróxW-khos
kón-khos .... gWróxW-khos
kón-khos .... gWrón-khos

kógkhos ..... brógkhos

k>kh / x+syl_
Ch > -voice
only first tone remains
x>0 / N_K
xW>ng / o_K

with various x()>ng in different environments in
separate Gk dialects

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