Re: IE *-g(')Wh- > Alb -h-/ -f-

From: Abdullah Konushevci
Message: 47585
Date: 2007-02-24

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> >
> > 1. *dn.g'hWa:/*dn.g'u: `tongue'. Because for the first sequence
> > have talked thoroughly in Cybalist, I like just to repeat that
> > sequence –g'hWa: (Skt jihva:, av hivza, Arm lezu, Gen lezvi: Old
> > Lating dingua, Lat lingua, OHD zunga: OCS jezy-k&: Toch A käntu,
> > Toch B käntwo etc.) was treated like –ghW and have yilded Alb –
h. I
> > was naturally based in *leghW- `light' > Alb leh-të `id.'.
> >
> > 2. *dhgWhei- `to perish, dei away' > Alb fik `extinguish,
> > probably from zero-grade form *(dh)gWhi-k (cf. ik `to run away')
> > from imperative form: Grekk phthisis from phthinein: Skt kºiyate
> `he
> > perishes' and kºapayati `he destroys'.
> > 3. *egWh- `to drink' > Alb deh `to become drunk' with d- prefix
> from
> > *ad- or of unknown origin, like in Greek: Latin e:brius `drunk'.
> Alb
> > esëll `sober' probably from *o:gWh-el: Lat sobrius `id.':
> > ekuzi `he drinks', Greek nephein `to be sober'.
> >
> > 4. *kneigWh- `to lean on' > Alb ndih `to help' from nih ~ nif
> > homorganic /d/: Lat co:ni:ve:re `to lean together'.
> >
> > 5. *slengWh- `to slide, make slide' > Alb llohë `sleet' from
> > lengthened suffixed basic form *sle:ngWh-eH2, but with no
> in
> > other languages, so beside *sl > ll and *gWh- > h-, very
> >
> > 6. Alb fryj `breathe, blow, wind', synonymic with ënjt `to cause
> > swell' (Gheg âj `id', âjë `swelling'< *anH- `to breathe'), to my
> > view, should be from *gwhre:-n-yo with regular interchange h > f
> > (cf. ftoh/ftof, njoh/njof, plah/plaf etc.). Alb frymë `breath,
> > breathing; wind; spirit; soul' is a derivative of fryj.
> >
> > I am aware that *degWh- yields Albanian djeg as well as *dogWh-
> >
> > Alb dez, as well as *gWher-m > Alb zjarm > zjarr `fire', so may
> > suppose that aspirated voiced labiovelar have yield in Albanian
> > after /*o/ > g, after *e > z, otherwise –h- / -f-.
> >
> > Konushevci
> >
> So to resume
> gWH>g,
> gWH>z ,
> gWH>h ,
> gWh>f ,
> and gWh>s as in <<<<[AK] esëll `sober' probably from *o:gWh-
> isn't it?
> and so on...
> Could you imagine that something is wrong here?

> We ONLY have
> I) *gWH/- > PAlb. g
> *degWh-o > PAlb/Dacian djega (see Dacian Diegis) > Alb. djeg
> II) *gWH/+ > PAlb. g^ > z
> *gWher-m- > PAlb/Dacian g^erm- (see Dacian Germisara) > Alb.
> Could you imagine that
> 1. fik is not from *dhgWhei-
> 2. esëll is not from *o:gWh-el
> and that
> 3. finally all your suppositions from 1 to 6 are wrong?
> Wake up, please...
> Marius
One can see it from the plane that you are trying in your outrage to
nullify all my attempts to derivate some Albanian words, containing
labiovelars. That the labiovelars, together with the palatals, are
of crucial importance, there is no doubt. Could you, for example,
imagine that PIE *kW have yielded in Greek /t/, /k/ and /p/ or *gWh
> /th/, /kh/ and /ph/, but *gW > /b/, /d/ and /g/. Look, for
instance, *gW > /g/, but *gWh > /kh/, but not /gh/. Or, you must
know better Latin, for, as we have seen you can't distinct article
from Greek nouns, as you cannot distinct also adverbs from
adjectives, like in your previous post, aspirated voiced labiovelar
have yielded in Latin: gu, g, v, f-, till in Gothic g, gw and w.
Quite interesting, isn't it?!
Instead of your open intention to nullify or my etymologies, why you
and your master too, do not give other explanations. I will try to
help you and your master too, i.e. in Alb gjuhë `tongue', -hë is not
from *-g'hWa:, but from –x or –y or –z. Or, Alb adjective (i, e) leh-
të is not from *legWh-/*lagWh- but from different root. So, you may
continue to say that Alb deh `to become drunk' is derived, according
to Orel, from *deg-ska < *degWh-ska, instead of *d-o:gWh- and Alb
esëll `sober' to derive from compound *n. - + sillë etc. In this
context, I see /s/ as allophone of /z/, as I see /h/ (in Albanian)
in many contexts as allophone of /f/.

You claim:
Could you imagine that
1. fik is not from *dhgWhei-
2. esëll is not from *o:gWh-el
and that
3. finally all your suppositions from 1 to 6 are wrong?

Wake up, please...

Yes, I could imagine, but when you prove that Alb fik is from
different root and I will finally, not 1-6-, but 1-8 are, for your
pleasure, all wrong.

And, in the end, I think that like Dusan Vukotic, like Polat Kaja,
like Marsius Alexandru are all cranks, as are their masters.