Five *ster

From: Abdullah Konushevci
Message: 47577
Date: 2007-02-23

*ster-1 `stiff, immoveable; solid'.
I. O-grade form *stor-. 1. Alb ter `dry' from stative o-grade form *
(s)tor-e: > PAlb *(s)tare:, attested in river and canyon name Tara
in Monte Negro, cf. also terem `to be dry out' < *(s)toro:mai, cf.
Gmc stare:n 2. Alb shtërgoj/shtrëngoj `to squeeze, press' (see above
shtërgatë/shtrëngatë) from *storga:n-yo, cf. Gmc starkjan `to make
hard'. Other derivatives are shtrëngim `clutch, gripe',
shtrëngues `coercive, styptic, constringent',
shtrëngesë `constraint, compulsion', i shtrënguar `grasped, tight,
expensive' etc. 3. shtarë `henbane' from *stor-eH2.
II. Full-grade form *ster-. . 1. Alb shtjerr `drain, exhaust, spend,
stew' from suffixed and lengthened o-grade form *ster-no, aor.
shtora. 2. Alb. tranoj `to make crazy, terrify'; b.
treni `crazyness, madness'; c. i trentë `crazy, mad; litteraly
powerful' only in Gheg dialect from *(s)tre-n-ia: > PAlb *trani:,
cf. Greek strenos `hard, powerful'.
III. Zero-grade form *str.-. 1. Alb shtërg `crane, stork' from
extended form *str.g-, cf. Old English storc `stork' from Gmc
IV. Extended form *sterd-. 1. Alb shtërzoj `to strain hard (tryin to
give birth)' from *stord-yeH2- n-yo, cf. Gmc *stert-. (Pokorny 1. (s)
ter- 1022.)

*ster-2 `rob, steal'. Alb fshtjerr `to rob' with variant forms
çfshtjerr from prefixed and suffixed form *v- (<*au-)+ *ster-no,
synonymic with zhvat `id.': Greek stereo `id.': MIr serb `burlgary`:
Gothic stilan, OIsl stela, OHG stelan, all `to steal'. (Pokorny 3.

*ster-3 `line, stripe, ray'. 1. Alb strall `flint' from *(s)trou-lo
(cf. OHG stra:l(a) `arrow, thunderbolt', where s- is intensive
prefix. 2. Alb shtregë `stack of hay or corn sheaves' from *stroi-g-
eH2 (cf. Greek ksestriks `heksagonal'< *streig, Latin
striga `swath'). 3. Alb adverb trup `straight across; right out'
from *(s)troub-, especially adverb pair shkurt e trup `short and
right'. (Pokorny 4. ster- 1028.)

*sterH-4 `to widen, scatter, spread'. 1. Alb shtrinj `to expand,
enlongate, spread on' from zero-grade form *str.-n-yo, but also
dialectal Gheg form shtrej `id.': Lat sternere `extend, stretch'; b.
shtresë `layer, strata'. 2a. Alb shtroj `to spread, board' from
*stre: (*streH1)- n-yo; b. shtrojë `bed, insole, cover' (cf. Greek
stro:ma `mattres, bed'). 3. strofull `den, nest, warren',
strofkë `id.' from *(s)tre:b-s-ka:, probably from the fact that they
are build from straw (cf. English straw). 4. Alb shtie `insert,
pour, fire, inoculate, insuniate'. (Pokorny 5. ster- 1029.)

*ster-5 `barren'. 1. Alb. shtjerrë `lamb' with prefixed variants
mështjerrë/mëshqerrë from *ster-neH2: 2. shterpe `sterile female',
abstract noun shterpëri `infertility', synonymic with shterr-
ni `id.' from *sto:rbh-o: Latin sterilis: NIce stirtla `barren cow',
Bulg sterica `barren cow', Grk steira `id.', steriphos `barren': Arm
ster `barren', Skt sta'ri:- `barren cow', Toch B œari `kid'.
(Pokorny 6. ster- 1031.)