IE *-g(')Wh- > Alb -h-/ -f-

From: Abdullah Konushevci
Message: 47564
Date: 2007-02-22

1. *dn.g'hWa:/*dn.g'u: `tongue'. Because for the first sequence we
have talked thoroughly in Cybalist, I like just to repeat that last
sequence –g'hWa: (Skt jihva:, av hivza, Arm lezu, Gen lezvi: Old
Lating dingua, Lat lingua, OHD zunga: OCS jezy-k&: Toch A käntu,
Toch B käntwo etc.) was treated like –ghW and have yilded Alb –h. I
was naturally based in *leghW- `light' > Alb leh-të `id.'.

2. *dhgWhei- `to perish, dei away' > Alb fik `extinguish, destroy'
probably from zero-grade form *(dh)gWhi-k (cf. ik `to run away')
from imperative form: Grekk phthisis from phthinein: Skt kºiyate `he
perishes' and kºapayati `he destroys'.
3. *egWh- `to drink' > Alb deh `to become drunk' with d- prefix from
*ad- or of unknown origin, like in Greek: Latin e:brius `drunk'. Alb
esëll `sober' probably from *o:gWh-el: Lat sobrius `id.': Hittite
ekuzi `he drinks', Greek nephein `to be sober'.

4. *kneigWh- `to lean on' > Alb ndih `to help' from nih ~ nif with
homorganic /d/: Lat co:ni:ve:re `to lean together'.

5. *slengWh- `to slide, make slide' > Alb llohë `sleet' from
lengthened suffixed basic form *sle:ngWh-eH2, but with no cognate in
other languages, so beside *sl > ll and *gWh- > h-, very suspicious.

6. Alb fryj `breathe, blow, wind', synonymic with ënjt `to cause to
swell' (Gheg âj `id', âjë `swelling'< *anH- `to breathe'), to my
view, should be from *gwhre:-n-yo with regular interchange h > f
(cf. ftoh/ftof, njoh/njof, plah/plaf etc.). Alb frymë `breath,
breathing; wind; spirit; soul' is a derivative of fryj.

I am aware that *degWh- yields Albanian djeg as well as *dogWh-eyo >
Alb dez, as well as *gWher-m > Alb zjarm > zjarr `fire', so may
suppose that aspirated voiced labiovelar have yield in Albanian
after /*o/ > g, after *e > z, otherwise –h- / -f-.