Re: re [tied] re The name of the name

From: stlatos
Message: 47558
Date: 2007-02-22

--- In, Gordon Selway <gordonselway@...> wrote:
> May I intervene with an off-topic question? If
> la(h)hanza(n) is duck in Hi, is Gad. lach/lacha
> just co-incidence? I've little to hand to tell
> me more, only quotidian dictionaries and what I
> can dig up via Google (which is so far limited to
> McBain: 'lach: a wild duck, Irish, Early Irish
> lacha; cf. the Lithuanian root lak, fly', without
> further explanation).

I'd say it's a coincidence. The n>l change seems
specific to Hittite. Anyway, I'd say that lx > Lx >
Lux etc., in Celtic. So x (ch) shouldn't be preserved
after a.