Re: PIE i- and u-stems again

From: tgpedersen
Message: 47509
Date: 2007-02-16

> > > In any case, as you'll agree, my point was that you cannot just
> > > stick an -n onto the thematic vowel, as Tortsen wants.
> >
> > Why is it that people start misspelling my name when they lose an
> > argument?
> I didn't misspell your name, I mistyped it.

Oh, you used a keyboard.

> I'll try to check for misspellings should anyone ever lose an
> argument with you in the future.

I most strenuously object, sarcasm is a Danish prerogative.
Besides I have already defeated myself in several debates, viz.

> > Before you started messing with PIE suffixes the difference
> > between catus and cato: was more than an *-n. You are the one who
> > is arguing that you can change a thematic into an n-stem by adding
> > *-n, not I.
> Here is what you said:
> >>Is it true that you have stems suffixed in *-un, *-in, *-an which
> >>becomes your various n-stems, and that /u/, /i/, and /a/ become
> >>the ablaut vowel, which means thematic stems are really *-u, *-i,
> >>*-a stems? Because if so, there exists an n-suffix.
> I don't know what you wanted the n-suffix for, but there ain't any.

Maybe I should repeat so that I am sure you have read it:
Textbooks on Latin tell us that personal names likes Cato:, n-stems,
are derived from thematic adjectives like catus. That derivation must
then consist in subtracting the thematic vowel and adding some stem
*-en- (Hoffmann?). Now until so far I'm following the books.
Now you tell me that thematic stems end in *-u, *-i, *-a, and n-stems
in *-un, *-in, *-an. If we repeat the procedure before to get definite
descriptions from thematic adjectives we now have to remove an *-u,
*-i, or *-a suffix and add an *-un, *-in or *-an suffix. I'm still
following the books plus your description. The question now was: is it
not easier to add *-n directly onto that stem ending in *-u, *-i or
*-a, instead of removing that ending and adding instead a *-un,- *in,
*-an ending to end up with the same result?

Maybe you should discuss it in peace and quiet with Piotr? He seems to
have understood the point (and Birgit Olsen did it even before that).