Re: Near Eastern origin of European cattle.

From: mkelkar2003
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Date: 2007-02-11

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> > > All the sources you mention are characteristically vague on what
> > > defines a location as a center of domestication. The practical
> > > definition seems to be that for each race of cows, within its area
> > > they have picked the place with the earliest archaeologically
> > > documented transition to farming as the center of domestication
> > > for that race. And as I said, much of NEAsia is under-investigated
> > > archaeologically. Therefore, Anatolia might have to give up the
> > > prize one day.
> > >
> > That said, it is still *always* going to be either Anatolia or South
> > Asia in the Indo-European world, as far deciding the issue of PIE
> > origin is concerned.
> Of course not. If an archaeological site with transition to
> stock-breeding earlier than that of the Anatolian ones is found
> somewhere on the Steppes between the Ukraine and China, that site
> automatically becomes the new assumed origin of domestication of Bos
> Taurus. And on the origin of cereals, none of your sources seem to be
> aware that the European and East Asian varieties of millet are
> identical. Obvious that didn't come out of Anatolia.
> Torsten

"European and East Asian varieties of millet are
> identical."

Where are you getting that from?

M. kelkar