[tied] Re: From words to dates: Water into wine, mathemagic or phyl

From: mkelkar2003
Message: 47374
Date: 2007-02-10

Same message minus the typos

Here is a highly readable presentation of Atkinson-Gray methodology.
They are using 1450-1000 BC as the date for Rig Veda to calibrate
their tree (Table 18.7). Where are they getting that from? That date
is itself based on the Kurgan expansion theory and the Hittite


For those who love battle axe wielding mounted warriors:

"Nevertheless, the vision of fierce IE warriors, riding horses and
driving chariots, sweeping down on their neighbors brandishing bloody
swords, has proven to be an enduring one, and scholars have found it
difficult to dislodge from the popular consciousness the idea of the
PIE speakers as warlike conquerors in chariots (Track 1996, as quoted
by Atkinson & Gray 2004)."

M. kelkar