[tied] Re: Black Athena: The Afroasiatic RootsofClassicalCivilizati

From: tgpedersen
Message: 44941
Date: 2006-06-12

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> Greeks and Pre-Greeks
> Aegean Prehistory and Greek Heroic Tradition
> Margalit Finkelberg
> Tel-Aviv University
> © Margalit Finkelberg 2005
> SBN-13 978-0-521-85216-6 hardback
> ISBN-10 0-521-85216-1 hardback
> "The even spread of the suffixes -ss- and -nth- over western Asia,
> Greece and Crete strongly suggests that the so-called pre-Hellenic
> populations of Greece were of Anatolian stock. If true, this would
> lead us not only to Anatolia but also farther east, for the simple
> reason that the Anatolians of Asia, Indo-Europeans though they were,
> cannot be taken separately from the great civilisations of the Near
> East. As the archaeological discoveries of recent years show, the
> Bronze Age Aegean was in close contact with these civilisations. The
> degree to which this new assessment of the linguistic and
> archaeological evidence at our disposal may affect the terms of the
> current discussion of the cultural identity of Aegean civilisation
> will be examined in Chapter 3."

So before the people of Greece spoke the Indo-European language Greek
they spoke an Indo-European language of another IE branch.
Interesting, but how is that relevant to what it is you want to say,
which I haven't yet found out what is, except that those IE-linguists
think they're smart and they're not?

BTW those Anatolian place name suffixes -nth- and -ss- correspond to
suffixes of names of Danish islands -nd and -s. Now you'll all have
to excuse me while I go make some sacrifices.