Re: [tied] Re: Black Athena: The AfroasiaticRootsofClassicalCiviliz

From: P&G
Message: 44937
Date: 2006-06-11

"The even spread of the suffixes -ss- and -nth- over western Asia,
Greece and Crete strongly suggests that the so-called pre-Hellenic
populations of Greece were of Anatolian stock."

Come, come! You should be aware that the spread of a linguistic feature
does not mean anything about race.
Or are all English speakers also "Anatolians" because we have also acquired,
through Greek, this pre-greek -ss ending as a productive -ess ending?
Are English speakers Scandanavians because we use an -s suffix on 3rd person
verbs and th- plural pronouns?

Linguistic evidence tells us about language - not race.