Re: [tied] Re: Black Athena: The AfroasiaticRootsofClassicalCiviliz

From: P&G
Message: 44907
Date: 2006-06-08

This is just too easy, Aquila.

When I choose Greek and query the evidence, you say:
> "I am not only speaking about Greek, but also Romanic. I do not claim
>that all mediterranean languages have developed all the mentioned traits."

Yes you did. You now seem to be backing away from that idea.

You said:
>"The influence is seen allready in classical greek."
>"Greek and the IE languages around the Mediterranean Sea are strongly
>influences by the afro-asiatic >languages in their structure."
>"Many elements of ...the AA languages ...have spread througout most of the
>languages since that time."
>"the IE languages around the Mediterranean sea have been strongly
structurally by the AA languages."

Nothing wrong with putting forward an idea or a theory, but it is unwise to
state as fact something that cannot be proved, and flies against the
evidence. It is also unwise on this list to say you did not claim something
you did.