Re: [tied] Re: PIE genitive plural *-o:m, a possible analysis

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Date: 2006-04-24

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>   The simplest permissible word-form in PIE was *CA, where *A
represents the Ablaut-vowel that, at the next earliest stage,
manifested itself as *é when stress-accented, or *Ø when not

So are you suggesting that PIE had words of the form C?
Yes, stress-unaccented forms of *CA. The Musterbeispiel would be *N (from *n <- *né).

>   The commonest word-form was *CACA, which, in accordance with the
rule that the penultimate syllable was stress-accented, appears in the
next earliest stage as *CéCØ (from *CÁCA).

Where would a word like *kWis come from?

*kWé + *yé = *kWéyØ + *sé = *kWØyésØ; when stress-unaccented *kWØyØsØ -> *kWis.

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