Re: [tied] Re: PIE genitive plural *-o:m, a possible analysis

From: Piotr Gasiorowski
Message: 44395
Date: 2006-04-24

On 2006-04-24 02:24, Rob wrote:

> As Piotr graciously pointed out, the correct forms are
> *wó:kWs/*wókWes; *wékWos is an s-stem. I was mistaken here.
> Regarding the differing vowel quality, my tentative thoughts are
> that the coda labiovelar may have caused rounding in the nominative
> singular form, with later spreading throughout the paradigm.

But we have the same pattern ov vowels irrespective of the consonantal
environment, e.g. *k^lo:p-s 'thief', *k^lop-áh2 'theft',
*k^lép-os/*k^lép-es- or *k^lép-mn. 'theft, loot'.