Modern Standard Indoeuropean

From: etherman23
Message: 44393
Date: 2006-04-24

I've got an idea and I'm looking to see if there's any interest. I'd
like to revive PIE as a spoken language, kind of like what the
Israeli's have done with Ancient Hebrew. There'd be a MSIE language
academy that forms policy about the language. Much of how PIE is
spoken is known with a fair degree of accuracy, but there are still
many uncertainties that would have to be resolved by the language
academy. Also as research continues MSIE will have to be adjusted to
keep up with new discoveries. If there's enough interest I can set up
a Yahoo group for it. What I'm looking for is people who are
knowledgeable about PIE to help out, and I figure this is a great
place to look.

So as to not clutter this group with messages that might be considered
too "conlangy" please follow up in the Yahoo pieconlang group.