Re: [tied] Re: Dacian Sounds Laws - (2) Long Vowels

From: Abdullah Konushevci
Message: 44366
Date: 2006-04-21

On 4/21/06, Peter P <roskis@...> wrote:
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> Patrick:
> I would be very skeptical of this analysis.
> So far as I know, 'rock' never appears as *karp- (with the possible
exception of Albanian).
> I would speculate that we may be dealing with *ka(:)r- + *pet-, 'wing'.
> "made of rock" as a name for a mountain chain  strikes me as highly
> ***

Obviously these are not the ones that Alexandru is talking about, but
it does seem to me that Rocky Mountains (aka Rockies) is very likely.

*ak'-'sharp'. Oldest form *H2ek'-, colored to *H2ak'-. Suffixed form *ak'-men 'stone, sharp stone used as a tool with metathetic variant *k'a-men (cf. Slavic <kamen> 'stone') with variant form *k'a-mer (cf. English hammer).

Alb. <karpë> 'rocky hill with sharp peak', pl. <karpat>, seems to be primitive singular of <krep> 'rocky crag' (pl. <krepat>), as well with intensive prefix sh-krep 'pointed crag, rocky crag', pl. <sh-krepat> shows the same development as <akrep> 'scorpion' (pl. akrepat) and <sh-krapël> 'id.', pl. <shkraplat>.

Question is: may we assume that *k'H2e-, extended in noun –r/-n suffix and extended in bilabial stop yields Alb. <karpë> from *k'H2ar-p-eH2? I don't know any other case that laryngeal *H2 cause the velarization of palatal, but I can't see another solution.