Re: Etruscan-Lydian connection?

From: Andrew Dalby
Message: 43967
Date: 2006-03-25

--- In, "C. Darwin Goranson"
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> I've been reading Fred Woudhuizen's books on Luwian hieroglyphs, and
> he includes a list of words that are very very similar in form and
> meaning between Lydian and Etruscan.
> Either Etruscan is a very wayward Anatolian language, or it's
> borrowings of terms from Lydian means that the Tyrhhenians came from
> somewhere in the Eastern Agaean.
> Now, is this idea to be believed? Are his writings to be trusted?
My belief has been that ancient Greeks developed the hypothesis that
the Etruscans originated in Lydia because they saw analogies between
Lydian and Etruscan culture.

So far as I know, the nearest thing to evidence is the Etruscan
inscription on the northeastern Aegean island of Lemnos. But that's
what it is -- pure Etruscan, not an ancestral or related language, and
in normal Etruscan script -- so the more obvious conclusion from it on
its own would be that the Etruscans, when their culture was
flourishing, established a base on Lemnos. The inscription does not
show that, long ago, the Etruscans had migrated from that region.