Re: Rom. pãstaie ~ Alb. bishtajë => Example of p>b vocalization i

From: Abdullah Konushevci
Message: 43922
Date: 2006-03-19

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> 3. A similar vocalization p > b in Albanian is present in
> Romanian pãstaie > Albanian bishtajë
> I'm not yet sure what really trigerred this p > b vocalization in
> Albanian (that is not a general Albanian transformation) but at
> least you can see above a second example.
> Marius
I see that also in DEX is such comparision. This probably should be
one more concordance between two languages.
Much attested meaning, to my view, is in Nominal Phrase: Rom. păstai
de fasole 'beanstalk': Alb. bishtajë fasulesh 'snap bean'.
My view is that Alb. <bisht-ajë> is just suffixed form, like: <bung-
ajë> 'forest of durmast oak', <dushk-ajë> 'oak forest',
<fierajë/firajë> `land covered with ferns', <grun-ajë> 'field
planted with wheat' etc. I found this suffix as derived from *al-
yo 'other or more than two'(Watkins *al- 2-3), o-grade form of *al-
I am afraid that Romanian form <pãstaie> have more to deal with
Illyrian consonantism, devoicing of voiced stops: petek. Or Illyrian
<lembus> 'light ship' from *lengWh-os with regular change *-ngW- > -
mb- (Lat. lingua > Rom. limbã), as well as PAlb Ulpiana from much
oldest form Ulkiana < *wl.kWu-ana.
Otherwise, Alb. <bisht> seems to be from *bher- 'to scrape, cut' >
Alb. <bie> 'to hit, knock' (cf. Sl biti 'to hit', but
<bic^> 'flagellum, whip'.).