Re: Celtic n (was: Greek labiovelars)

From: Anders R. Joergensen
Message: 43920
Date: 2006-03-19

--- In, Sean Whalen <stlatos@...> wrote:

> > Isn't this extraordinarily complicated, against
> > assuming that PIE
> > *eNT > PCelt. *eNT, PIE *N.T > *aNT?
> I prefer e>a for several reasons that seem to add up
> to an understandable whole.
> e(>e~?)>a between N-N in same syllable

Would OIr. menme (n) 'intelligence, act of thinking' be a counter-
example? PCelt. *menmen-, also MW mynw, Bret. meno.

> e(>e~?)>a before N-stop+voice with same place of
> articulation

What material does this rule cover? Could you give some examples?