[tied] Re: searching for common words for all today's languages

From: mkelkar2003
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Date: 2006-02-07

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> > Greenberg's work on AmeriInd family is well accepted by
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> No, it isn't.
> Brian

Have you found the "Indo-Iranian" and an "Italo-Celtic" and a
Balto-Slavic gene yet?

"LUIGI CAVALLI-SFORZA: When we took all the (genetic) data from
American natives, they clearly fell into three classes, and they
correspond exactly to the linguistic families that have been
postulated by Greenberg."

Well, John V. Day has clue for you:


"Turning to Iranians, I remarked earlier that speakers of
Indo-European's so-called "Iranian" branch must have lived on the
steppe before infiltrating southward to Iran, where non-Indo-European
Elamites already had a civilization. Now, Greek and Roman writers in
the centuries before and after Christ stated that Iranian-speaking
peoples north of the Black Sea and Caspian had fair or reddish hair
and blue eyes"

I just checked. I do not have reddish hair and blue eyes. Hehehehe.

M. Kelkar