Re: [tied] question on German grammar

From: fortuna11111
Message: 41178
Date: 2005-10-09

> > What do you think about the word:
> >
> > Inkontextstellung
> >
> > Evelina
> In Kontextstellung ja aber kein "Inkontextstellung". So much my feeling
> about language.
> Alex

Yes, you would think about that, of course, but there is a problem.
Writing the preposition separately relates the preposition to the
whole word Kontextstellung, whereby Kontext would be the direct object
to the verb stellen, which it canot be, in this case. The preposition
is a link between the verb stellen and its object.

Wir stellen keinen Kontext, sondern stellen etwas in Kontext.

I thought, maybe the correct way to write it would be In-Kontext-Stellung.

Any ideas?