Re: Re[2]: [tied] PIE word for "people"

From: Grzegorz Jagodzinski
Message: 40859
Date: 2005-09-29

Brian M. Scott wrote:
> At 9:07:13 AM on Sunday, September 25, 2005, Grzegorz
> Jagodzinski wrote:
>> Patrick Ryan wrote:
>>> Obviously, Sante Fe has crummy Sanskrit resources.
>> Santa Fe?
> I believe that Patrick is referring to the Evolution of
> Human Languages project coordinated by the Santa Fe
> Institute; it has a web site at
> <>, where you'll find a
> link to an extensive set of etymological databases.
> Brian


The fact is that I did not even think about it bacause I used a printed
Sanskrit dictionary, Sanskritsko-Russkij Slovar' by V. A. Koc^ergina. It is
a quite good dictionary of 30,000 Sanskrit words. Indeed, it does not
contain many rare words and meanings. But if a meaning of a given word is
rare and obviously secondary, should it be taken into consideration in
etymology? Really, it looks like if someone tries to prove that IE **negr-
meant "people" by comparing Latin Nero: (cf. sound changes in Rom vs.
ra:ma), Italian nero 'black' and negro 'black', 'Negro', so 'a name of a

Grzegorz J.

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