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From: Mate Kapovic
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Date: 2005-09-29

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>>> I'm sure you know that <miec'> instead of <imiec'> is just one of
>> several cases of i-/zero doublets in Polish in words beginning with
>> *jI-. We also have <gra ~ igra> 'game' (the latter variant obsolescent
>> in Mod. Polish) and <skra ~ iskra> 'spark'.
> Btw. another example of breaking the neogrammarian theses. But those are
> just "several cases": <grac'> ~ <igrac'> 'play', <skra> ~ <iskra>, only
> <miec'> (even if <imadl/o> 'vice'), only <z> (< <iz> 'out'). Have I missed
> something? All the rest has i- preserved: <igl/a> 'needle', <igo> 'yoke'
> (in
> the place name <Igol/omia>), <imie,> 'name', <inny> 'different, other'
> (yes,
> from i- < *oi- here, not form *jI- < short *i-, but did Slavic languages
> preserve the difference?),

Czech did.

> Is 'son' a function word? If no, what explanation could you present for
> Gmc.
> *sunu- instead of the expected *su:nu-?

It's not only in this word. Cannot really fit here. It's a known phenomenon
in Germanic, Celtic and Italic.

> And what with Slavic gen. syna
> 'son's, of son' instead of the expected form *synu?

OCS is synu. Syna is analogical to normal o-stems. That's quite clear. Cf.
also the mixed declension of Latin domus.