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From: Patrick Ryan
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Date: 2005-09-28

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> Patrick:
> Well, firstly, I think the meaning for *ghabh- in Latin
> praebeo:, 'proffer', OHG geban, 'give', and Lithuanian
> gabenĂ¹, 'take away', is the original one. I believe this word
> originally referred to a ritual act of hanging things on a tree or
> post as an offering to a deity or ruler. The giver presents, and
> the receptor can say: "This gold has been offered to me" = "I
> take/have this gold (via an offering)". The term *ghabh(o)lo- is
> instructive in this regard: '*place where offerings are hanged,
> fork of branch'.

Is Latin _praebeo:_ presumed from *praihibeo:, from IE *pra:i-

The IE root seems to be *ghebh- here, not *ghabh-.


How can one tell from praebeo: whether the second element was *hibeo: or

Even if this derived from **ghebh-, it would only be an example of an */a:/
that had been shortened to */a/, and subsequently been inducted into the
*A(blaut vowel).


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