Re: [tied] PIE word for "people"

From: alex
Message: 40593
Date: 2005-09-25

Patrick Ryan wrote:
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> From: "Grzegorz Jagodzinski" <grzegorj2000@...>

>> 3) Gypsy rom < Sanskrit d.omba- 'a man of a lower caste, musician'.
>> This word is not IE and has not any r's.
> ***
> Patrick:
> Yes, that is the etymology offered by people who believe the Gypsies
> are lower than dirt. Is that your opinion also?

the question I have here is if the gypsies who belong to the
Sinti -group (if "group" here can be a properly word) are using for
"man" the word "rom" as well. The gypsies which belong to Roma-group,
they call their languages "romanes", the man is a "rom" and the woman is
a "romni". I know they call all other people which are not gipsies
"gag^io" but I don't know if the word for "mankind" is something builded
via "rom-".


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