Re: [tied] Re: Ie. *laywos/leh2iwos (was: ka and k^a)

From: Mate Kapović
Message: 40571
Date: 2005-09-24

On Sub, rujan 24, 2005 6:21 pm, Sergejus Tarasovas reče:
> --- In, Mate Kapović <mkapovic@...> wrote:
>> But in Lith. there is a verb [is^]laivóti which, if reliable,
>> would point to the circumflex int. of the root and against *leh2iwos.
> Interestingly, the word (glossed 'to have bent') is cited by Vasmer and
> Pokorny (and presumably by the sources in their references, but not by
> Fraenkel), but it hasn't found its way to LKZ^ (or any specilalized
> dialectal dictionary I got to hand). What has, however, are:
> láive:ti 'entangle;lie flat (of plants)' and láivos 'broadening upwards
> framework put on a sledge to widen it and increase its capacity)', both
> with acute.

That would point to the acute then - *leh2iwós. Nice :)