[tied] Re: Ianus - PIE Origin?

From: Daniel J. Milton
Message: 40549
Date: 2005-09-24

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> How does the toponymic Mons Janiculus fit into these Janus theories?
> Joao SL

A Topographical Dictionary of Ancient Rome,
London: Oxford University Press, 1929.

The name was usually explained by the ancients as meaning 'the
city of Janus' ( Serv. Aen. viii.357; Varro ap. August. civ. Dei
vii.4; Solin. ii.5; Macrob. i.7.19; Ov. Fast. i.245); sometimes,
apparently, as the 'gate' (Fest. 104). The connection between the hill
and Janus was doubtless due to the presence here of a cult of the god,
who was afterwards explained as an early king of the district (cf. WR
103 ff.). No trace of this cult existed in historical times, but it
may be inferred from that of Fons or Fontus (q.v.), the reputed son of
Janus. According to Pliny (NH iii.68), the original name of this
settlement was Antipolis (v. Pagus Ianiculensis).

Dan Milton