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From: tgpedersen
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Date: 2005-09-24

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> > > There seems to be an accordance between Italicist that rural
> > > vocabulary in Latin is taken from dialects and shows
> > > development.
> >
> > More accurately: Italicists are in accordance that rural
> > in Latin shows unexpected development and is therefore taken
> > Italic dialects. Logically they might leave out 'Italic', but
> > they wouldn't be Italicists, of course.
> Certainly. After all, Latin started out as one tiny little
> surrounded by many others. It's no surprise, then, that it would
> borrow from other nearby dialects.

Actually it is a surprise. Rome started out no less agricultural
than its neighbors. Why should Cincinatus use words from non-Roman
dialects to refers to the inventory of his farm? Personally I think
the double origin might have to with the old patrician/plebeiian
division in the Roman people.