Re: [tied] *kW- "?"

From: tgpedersen
Message: 40299
Date: 2005-09-22

--- In, "etherman23" <etherman23@...> wrote:
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> > > I disagree that /e/, /o/, and zero are allophones of *a, though.
> >
> > *a is just a label. It means (here) "the PIE ablaut vowel". Or "the
> > of vowels which descend from pre-PIE /a/". Just like English [-a-]
> > really means /รค/ or /eI/ or /&/.
> Sure, but I also believe in PIE /a/ so I'd rather write *e for /e/,
> /o/, and zero.

Be my guest ;-)

Does your belief in PIE /a/ include its being 'native' PIE? Surely, if
pre-PIE /a/ -> {/e/, /o/, zero}, PIE would have had a hole where /a/
was supposed to be (except for the environment of 'plain' /k/, /h2/
etc). Where would reconstructed PIE /a/ have come from?