laryngeal three

From: urska jeran
Message: 38376
Date: 2005-06-06


A question or better explanation I have been seeking for quite a long
time... can onyone explain or try at least what is the usage of H3 in
initial position in anatolian?!
I know there are two interpretations: 1. loss of H3 in initial
2. realization of H3 as h-.

I am rather confused when it comes to examples like het. harp- ,
H3 is predicted as h- (*h3erbh-) and het. arta (*h3erto) where the
latter is not the case (*h3 > zero).

I could interpret harp- with help of *h2o- and arta with *h1o-. Still
this two examples raise a shadow of doubt, cuz other interpretations
were thrown to my face as well (above).