Re: [tied] Re: Latin *accu ? ... [MODERATORIAL]

From: Piotr Gasiorowski
Message: 38363
Date: 2005-06-06

Richard Wordingham wrote:

> Please post replies to cybalist_admin!
> Richard.
> (Moderator)

It's extremely unfortunate that this argument came to a head during my
brief absence. I support the moderators' decision to suspend this
thread. The participants evidently need an embargo to cool off and
rethink their arguments. The embargo will be lifted two weeks from now,
but please think of a way to reduce the number and volume of postings on
this particular topic -- they tend to be too many and too long, mainly
because the posters lose their focus and often fail to observe the
following recommendation:

"When responding to others’ postings, quote only those fragments of the
original message that you want to reply to. In particular, do not quote
whole threads. Make sure that the quotations are properly marked, so
that one can easily see who wrote what."

I allow those who wishe to share their "final thoughts" on the matter
just _ONE_ short comment per person within the next 24 hours. Then the
thread will be regarded as terminated.

"After that time, any attempt to revive a banned thread within two weeks
of its termination may be punished with a brief (one or two weeks)
restriction of the offender’s posting rights."

Any other replies should be sent to cybalist_admin only!

(Moderator and list owner)