Re: [tied] Re: Latin *accu ? - > or how to obtain the misising A

From: Miguel Carrasquer
Message: 38341
Date: 2005-06-04

On Sat, 04 Jun 2005 13:03:19 +0200, alex
<alxmoeller@...> wrote:

>Observation: considering the examples from Romance brought by Miguel
>where apprently there is an accidental "a", in Rom.

There is no "accidental" a-.

>this is a general
>aspect. All the demonstrativa and locative adverbs have "a".

Yes, as inherited from Vulgar Latin:

"this" Occ. aquest, Cat. aquest, OSpa. aqueste, OPor.
aqueste, Rom. acest
"that" Occ. aquell, Cat. aquell, Spa. aquel, Por. aquele,
Rom. acel

Of course Romanian acest and (a)cel are *much* more similar
to Albanian ky and ai, aren't they?

>Completing this presentation with the fact in Italy the forms with "a"
>are as well as not present, that in Dalmatian they not present either,
>one can _safe_ conclude, the evidence speaks for a inherited form of
>composita in Rom and the sporadic presence in Vest Romance should be to
>explain due local factors which are hardly to connect with the Rom. and
>Alb. aspects.

The loss of the initial vowel in the demonstrative is
practically pan-Romance (French (icist, cist, cest > ce;
icil, cil, cel), Occitan (cest; cel), Catalan (├žo), Italian
(questo, cotesto, quello), Rhaetic (kis^t; c^el, kwel, kel),
Sardo (custu, cussu, cuDDu) and Romanian (acel, cel)).

Miguel Carrasquer Vidal