Re: Latin *accu ? - > or how to obtain the misising A

From: pielewe
Message: 38331
Date: 2005-06-04

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> 1. and I found it as a distinct particle in Albanian too: a-të, a-
> si, a-so, a-saj, a-jo

The Albanian element _a-_ has been derived from:

(a) PIE *au (beginning with Pedersen).


(b) A borrowed Latin _atque_ or Romance forms built with its help
_atque_ (beginning with Meyer and Meyer-Lübke respectively).

[For details see Bardhyl Demiraj, Albanische Etymologien, p. 70.]

Note that the monophthongization of PIE *au in Albanian cannot easily
be pre-Roman because it affects such well-established Latin borrowings
as _pak_ < _paucus_ and several others.