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From: alex
Message: 38320
Date: 2005-06-03

Miguel Carrasquer wrote:
>> no. the final "u" is there even in gerundium is stil present when the
>> position of the pronoun is inversed. Normal gerundium is "spunand"
>> but "spunandu-tsi" (telling you), so see the "u" as ligature vowel
>> here.
> Utterly irrelevant. The issue was what happened to
> secondary /kw/ in Romanian.

no. see "cui" (to whom) there was a "kwi" and it remained a "kwi"
once again no. there is the definite article thus the word without the
definite article is for instance "lup" with the definite artcicle there
is "lupul"; again the "u". If one sustain the "l" is from "illo", then
one has to admit that "u" was allways kept.
You say "secondary". can we proove there is something which happened
secundary? Or it is just a need for a second layer for keeping on feets
the first supposition?

Almost forgot( between [..] is the literar form as to find in
the labiovelars are present even today in some words: acwalea, �ncwa
[incoa], �nkwace [incoace] and if one wants to have with a palatal vowel
after it, one has the plural of "coi"( < colleus) which is cwaie[coaie]

> Latin "locum" > "loc" ; the "c" is present there, thus "acolo" cannot
> be
> from the sugested form *accu(i)lloc

Jesus Christ.

Miguel Carrasquer Vidal

you don't need to wonder. What should mean "*accu illoc"? Rom. "acolo"
means "there" and this is just IE *kWol and nothing more as well as
acilea (here) is IE *kWel.


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