Re: [tied] Romanian Verb Endings and Substratum influence (repost)

From: alex
Message: 38314
Date: 2005-06-03

Miguel Carrasquer wrote:
>> It is the procedure one use for establishing the etymology:"it is in
>> another romance something similar, then is this for sure from Latin".
>> We take an *accu for explaining the "a" in acest, but we need an
>> *acce for explaining the "c^".
> No we don't.
>> The *accu does not fit since the "u"
>> does not go syncoped as you put it on the paper (akwest > ak(w)est >
>> ac^est).
> Yes, that's exactly what happens.
> =======================
> Miguel Carrasquer Vidal
> mcv@...

by all respect, you cannot ignore the evidence. And the evidence shows
an "u" there. Nothing more to say from my side. From your side, maybe
there is something more to say.


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