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From: david_russell_watson
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Date: 2005-05-06

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> > How do you explain ...
> That is the job for the linguist. They need to reconstruct a
> language so that both RUKI and non-RUKI languages will branch
> out from it.

Do they? Tell me, just how many linguists do you
have in your employ?

> Just liket that graded ablaut stuff, the actual 5 vowels are not
> observed in any langauge.

> I know enough about linguistics to know that the centum/satum
> distiniction is not air tight. Pro Bangani an ancient language
> of India is centum inspite of the IEL establishment efforts to
> shoot it down. Tocharian is a centum langauge also.

I see that you're just as confused about it all as
you've ever been.

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> > > We both find philology and comparative (historical)
> > > lingusistics disgusting.
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> > ( IndianCivilization/message/53399 )
> That is correct. I am basing my tree on the comment from the
> famous Sanskritist Thomas Burrow (1955)

Thomas Burrow was a comparative linguist.

> I think what Burrow (1955) writing without the help of
> archaeological and genetic research meant was the so
> called "European" langauges should be split in the middle
> with Italic/Celtic/Germanic on one side and the others
> combined with Asian langauges. That is what proto-Vedic
> does.

Which shows that you need to read more than just
one paragraph of Burrow. I have his book, have
read it in its entirety, and he supports no such

> Thanks for your interest.

I see now that I should have shown none, and this
will be my last comment.