Re: [tied] Anonymus P. & Susudal [Re: The Vlach connection]

From: george knysh
Message: 37695
Date: 2005-05-06

--- g <st-george@...> wrote:

> The anonymous magister P. even states that Arpad's
> people entered Ukraine, i.e. ... "Ruscia"
> >>intrauerunt
> ruscie,<< that was called "Susudal": >>que uocatur
> susudal.<< See below.
> (I'll post the chapters 7,8,9

*****GK: It was fun to re-read this. Just the sort of
thing that could be written ca. 1200, when Vsevolod of
Suzdalia was claiming a kind of dynastic suzerainty
over other Princes of Rus', a claim many did not
accept (though apparently "Anonymous" did, whence the
mention of "Susudal" , hardly on the Hungarians'
trek). And the current Prince of Kyiv, Rurik of the
Smolensk dynasty, did have very close alliances with
the Cumans (when he lost control of the city in 1202
he brought these "allies" with him for a devastating
raid on the capital)..What was funny is that the
Prince of Kyiv could probably claim descent from
Attila too, via the Princess of the "Polani" who
married the Viking Svyatoslav back in 956. Well, we
know that Attila's progeny constituted an entire
people (there were so many) back in 453, if we are to
believe Jordanes.*****

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