Re: Older Balcanic Languages

From: pielewe
Message: 37694
Date: 2005-05-06

--- In, "rex_castilliae_araguensis" <. I am

> ... Minoan ...

Minoan is one of those languages that has been deciphered in many
different ways. There are the usual suspects, I think even Basque.
The most interesting publications about it, at least to my mind, are
those that do _not_ try to decipher it but just to determine its
structure. Here Ives Duhoux is my hero.

For a short introduction see his "Pre-Hellenic Language(s) of Crete",
The Journal of Indo-European Studies 26 (1998), p. 1-39.

And if you like it and can read French there is also:


--- L'étéocrétois. Les textes - la langue, Amsterdam, J.C. Gieben,
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with A. Morpurgo, Linear B : A 1984 Survey. Proceedings of the
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with Th. G. Palaima and J. Bennet (éditeurs), Problems in
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Hope this is useful and fun,