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Date: 2005-05-06

S & L wrote:
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>>> Is there a link between Friedrich Heinrich Alexander, Freiherr von
>>> Humboldt [1769-1859] and a work named "Descriptio Europae
>>> Orientalis"?
>> Yes, that is this.
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Well, then why a search on Google for / Humboldt Descriptio Europae
> Orientalis / will produce no resultants -beside your posts- shoving
> this link?
> S o r i n

You cannot find since I made a big confusion. I counfounded both, book
and author. It is not Humboldt and not the "Description Europae
Orientalis" which is the one you mean, wroten by an anonymus, but I
meant here the map which appears in the work of Julius Klaproth in
Tableaux historiques de l`Asie, depuis la monarchie de Cyrus jusqu`� nos
The map is dated not as being from 921 but from 912


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