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> > - South Romanian and Albanian survived in areas where there were no
> > agriculturalists at all or too few to prevail linguistically, owing
> > to the mountainous character of the terrain (Pindus, Albania).
> > Willem
> on this scenario, would you please be so kind and explain us how a such
> population
> living far away from Danube will have a native word for that fluvium?


"Some Albanian archeologists have tried hard to show that the Koman
hill-town culture of the seventh and eighth centuries is the essential
proof of Illyrian-Albanian continuity;"

"But if Illyrian survived as Albanian, it did so only by means of
physical contraction, withdrawal and isolation, which naturally would
have taken place in mountain terrain. This is why the purest element
of Albanian vocabulary refers to mountains, high-altitude plants and
shepherding: the point is not that the proto-Albanians had never lived
any other sort of life, but that the only ones who survived as
Albanian-speakers did so precisely because that was the sort of
isolated and independent life they led, probably for several
centuries. The Illyrians who lived on the coastal plains were
Romanized, like the ones on the Dalmatian coast and indeed in most
areas of Yugoslavia. By the time the Slavs began arriving in the sixth
century, there were only scattered pockets of speakers of the old
'barbarian' languages left anywhere in the Balkans, and all of them
were in mountainous regions. [54]"

"Nevertheless, the idea that the Illyrian Dardanians were ancestors of
the Albanians may be of some sentimental interest to Kosovo Albanians

"This (the formation of place names) is one of the strongest available
arguments to show that Albanian cannot have developed out of Thracian.

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