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From: david_russell_watson
Message: 37673
Date: 2005-05-06

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> The present model of IE languages is no longer tenable given the
> mass of archaeological/geologica'/astronomical/genetic data against
> it.

None of the archaeological, geological, astronomical,
or genetic data that has been offered truly prove what
you think they do, which I reckon is the inescapable
result of having a simplistic and flawed understanding
of the theories that you're pretending to overturn.

You think it's a snake, and you chopped off its block,
so it must necessarily be dead,
but you don't really know which beast that you got,
and neither is that even its head. :^)

> A new model has been proposed. Please click on langauge tree.doc
> in the files section. I propose a proto Vedic family branching out
> into Sanskritic, and Illyric/Dardic branches. The Sanskritic branch
> splits into Prakrit, Tocharian, Hellenic and Avestan brances. The
> Illyric/Dardic branch splits into Balto-Slavic, Illyrinan and
> Thraco-Phrygian. At the upper end the proto-Vedic is a branch of
> a the larger Eurasiatic family with Dravidian, Uralo-Altaic,
> Sino-Tibetan, European, and Austric branches. The European branch
> splits into Italic, Celtic and Germanic branches.
> M. kelkar

Just for openers:

How do you explain the fact that Sanskrit, Prakrit, and
Avestan are RUKI languages while Tocharian and Hellenic
are not?

If your "Proto-Vedic" is anything like the Vedic we know,
then it too is a RUKI language, so again, how do you
explain that its supposed descendant Anatolian is not?

How do you explain the fact that some of the descendants
of your Proto-Vedic are Satem languages while others are

Finally, what was your real motive behind posting such
a suggestion, Mayuresh? We both know full well that you
never really intended it to be taken seriously, after
you've made so many remarks like:

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> We both find philology and comparative (historical)
> lingusistics disgusting.

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